About me

My Biography

I’m the president and CEO of BuyaTimeshare.com, one of the leading Internet advertising and marketing companies online for timeshare owners who seek to sell or rent their timeshare by owner. With the emergence of the Internet as the dominant consumer information and commerce tool of the 21st Century, I was an online pioneer for the timeshare secondary market, developing one of the first industry-dedicated platforms allowing owners to interact on the internet to buy, sell and rent timeshares.

The company was profitable after two months following its launch in 2000 and generated sales in excess of $1 million annually in only its second year of existence.

BuyaTimeshare.com was also listed as one of BusinessNH Magazine’s Top 10 Companies to Watch in 2009 and Inc. Magazine has ranked it as one of the fastest-growing, privately held companies in the country, making the prestigious Inc. 5000 list in 2010 and 2011.

I also have business development experience beyond the timeshare industry, previously a Pharmaceutical Healthcare Representative with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and garnering the company’s highest award, the Vice President’s Cabinet Award, for national sales in the top 5% of the company.

With a Bachelor degree in Management from the University of Tampa and an MBA from Rivier College in Nashua, New Hampshire, I now make my home in Nashua.

Education Set Me on a Path to Success

Graduated from the University of Tampa with a B.A. in Management

Graduated from Rivier College with a MBA

A person’s education never really ends. Author Thomas Powell said “Education does not end at any point in our lives; it is an ongoing journey to be carried with us every day throughout our lives.” I couldn’t agree more.

Even the genius Michelangelo admitted “I am still learning.”

I believe that on-going efforts to educate and improve oneself are instrumental to personal growth, but there is no disputing the fact that my formal education laid the foundation for success in my life.

During my childhood, my family would make trips from our native New Hampshire to visit our grandparents, who lived in St. Petersburg, Florida. It was during these trips that I formed a fondness for the Sunshine State and after receiving my high school diploma, I left New Hampshire to move south to Tampa, Florida. Here, I enrolled at the University of Tampa in 1997 and pursued a degree in business.

It was during this time that the Internet began to take hold of the American psyche, with the emergence of a little-known website called Google.com in 1999 completely changing the way people searched for information on the World Wide Web. While still a student at UT, I recognized the power of the Internet and its application to commerce so, through my introduction to the timeshare resale industry, began BuyaTimeshare.com in 2000 as a way for timeshare owners to connect with prospective buyers and renters.

I graduated from the University of Tampa in 2001 with my Bachelor Degree in Business Management, all the while applying what I had learned to my new, real-world business. I opened an office in Tampa to house my new initiative and began hiring employees to service the needs of the consumers seeking information through my website.

As the business began to grow, my desire to continue my formal education grew as well, leading to enrollment at Riviera College in Nashua, NH to pursue an MBA. I decided to open an additional BuyaTimeshare.com office in nearby Merrimack, NH so I could better manage the expanding business. I achieved my MBA in 2005.